#WomenEd: Write a job application that gets results


Vivienne Porritt of #WomenEd shares the tools to write a job application that goes straight into the YES pile!
Full Description

Vivienne Porritt, a Strategic Leader of WomenEd, helps women leaders to write applications in which your professional strengths and expertise sing out!

In particular, she helps you to focus on the impact you have in your current role and the experience you will bring to your new role.

This webinar will cover:

  • believing in yourself
  • being 10% braver in writing about your strengths
  • knowing what the new school needs
  • knowing your impact and evidencing it
  • writing killer intros and conclusions

Are you ready to be 10% braver this year?

#WomenEd is a grassroots organisation that empowers, connects and supports aspiring and existing women leaders in educations. We have network teams across the UK and globally and are all volunteers who want to support other women in education to achieve their career ambitions.

Find out more about our events, our networks, books and resources on our website.

Check out our YouTube channel also and we look forward to seeing you.

Thank you to Innovate Teaching School Partnership for supporting this event


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