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 #WomenEd Malaysia invite you to join inspirational presentations from Malaysian and international female leaders.

Be inspired to take the next step in your career through these bitesized presentations from women who have a story to share.

Join one, join all. Free but limited tickets.

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Dr Hartini Zainudin - Child activist and NGO founder

Girls Can Be Anything: Pushing girls to the centre of development. By empowering women and girls through education and skills training- we build a better future. Educate more women and girls as they are the best agent of change.

Susanna Saw - Music educator and Choral Director

What does music contribute to society and why is this essential to our wellbeing?

Music lessons are usually the first to go when facing financial challenges, heavy school workloads, or exams, but why is this so? This talk gives some brief insights into why learning music is so important.

Adaobi Oniwinde - Corporate Communications specialist and charity worker

Empowering communities with less governance and more passion: How an international relocation, three kids online schooling during lockdown, and a global health pandemic turned passion into action that transformed an impoverished community school.


  • Child activist and co-founder of the NGO: Yayasan Chow Kit, which focuses on child protection, Dr Hartini Zainudin is an advocate for children’s rights. Dr Hartini has worked with organisations such as UNHCR & UNICEF as well as the National Advisory Council for Child Welfare.
  • University of Malaya Choir Director, Susanna Saw established the Young Choral Academy & helped bring Kodály Teachers’ Training to Malaysia to improve standards of music education. She is Vice-President for the International Kodály Society & Malaysian Assoc for Music Education
  • After an international career with Shell & other global organisations, Adaobi K. Oniwinde’s professional & private endeavors are now focused on giving back to communities in need. She has worked in corporate comms for 20+ yrs, beginning as an intern at the Clinton White House.


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