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Following the success of Diverse Educators I and II, this #DiversityEd event will build on the celebration and showcasing of diversity, equality and inclusion in education:

#BAMEed meets #WomenEd meets #LGBTed meets #DisabilityEd meets #AllSupportd!

Full Description

Theme:  We are stronger together
Tickets: £15 per delegate to cover catering costs - this is non-refundable
Exhibitors: £25 to contribute to costs for any organisation wanting to support the event - this is non-refundable

Sponsors:Thank you to LyftaEd and Teaglo for sponsoring our event.


9.30-9.50 registration and networking

9.50-10.00 - welcome

10.00-10.30 keynote 1- DIANA OSAGIE: Fulfil Their Expectation of Your Life
10.30-11.15 - workshop 1 - Workshop Choice (See Below)

11.15-12.00 workshop 2 - Workshop Choice (See Below)

12.00-12.30 keynote 2 - KAREN GILES: Girl Rising - Empowering the Next Generation

12.30-1.30 - lunch

1.30-2.15 - workshop 3 - Workshop Choice (See Below)
2.15-3.00 - workshop 4 - Workshop Choice (See Below)

3.00-3.30 - keynote 3 - T'CHALLA GREAVES: Diverse Leaders - My Leadership Journey
3.30-3.45 - presentation from event sponsor LyftaEd: Serdar with VJ a Lyfta experience, with the audience democratically choosing a human story to explore.

3.45-4.00 - reflections and pledges
4.00 - close

Keynote Speakers:
Diana Osagie is a former Headteacher from London, she is the CEO of Courageous Leadership and delivers leadership development training, coaching and mentoring to nurture the next generation of leaders.

Karen Giles is a global educator who contributes to nurturing talent through various Leadership programmes such as Ambition School Leadership, the Leading Women's Alliance and the London Leadership Strategy.

T'Challa Greaves is a science LP from London, he has recently completed the Diverse Leaders programme, funded by the DFE Diversity and Equalities grants. He will share how he has been inspired and empowered by leaving his comfort zone and how he is determined to break the mould.

Workshop Facilitators for Session 1:
Allan Osborne: Be the Leader You Needed (when you were a child and a trainee teacher)
Artemi Sakellariadis: TBC
Caroline Powell: Facilitating wellbeing and progress for teachers with chronic illnesses
Laura McBean: sPEaking Out
Patrick Ottley-O'Connor: HeForShe - a straight, white, non-disabled male education leader’s allyship perspective
Pran Patel: Disrupting the Kyriarchal Power Structures in our Classrooms
Tara Hanley: Fictional teachers: the source of so many of our problems

Workshop Facilitators for Session 2:
Arv Kaushal: Does size matter? The benefits of networking
Anthony Daulphin: The Leap of Faith - What if I Fall... But What ff I Fly?
Aziza Ajak: Twice as hard for half as much - rethinking excellence and impact
Clare Erasmus: TECH & DIVERSITY: Empowering the Youth to Start the Conversation
Elizabeth Wright: Please Include Me — changing perspectives about SEND
James Hollinsley: Mental Health - Getting it wrong: diversity and difference
Jaz Ampaw-Farr: Increasing Your Impact and Influence

Workshop Facilitators for Session 3:
Anoara Mughal: Square Pegs and Round Holes
Claire Nicholls: Using Your Privilege - A Practical Guide to Being an Ally
Hannah Wilson: Leaning In: Empowering the Next Generation
Dr Harriet Marshall: TBC
James Pope & Audrey Pantelis: HeadsUp - Supporting Leaders
Mark Pritchard: Pioneering Leadership
Penny Rabiger: The Impact of Immersive Storytelling in Special Education Schools

Workshop Facilitators for Session 4:
Bukky Yusuf: Being 10% Braver
Deb Outhwaite: Glass Ceilings and Glass Cliffs
Helen Pengelly: TBC
Jo Lawrence: Leading as a Human - demystifying disability
Niall Allcock: We are all in Beta
Nick Bentley: Collaboration: ways of working together on LGBTQ+ diversity
Serdar Ferit: Attitudes change with powerful human stories

Leadership Matters
National College of Education
Premier Pathways
Standing Ovation

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Lascelles Road, Myrke, England SL3 7PS, United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Myrke SL3 7PS
Lascelles Road

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