by #WomenEd Strategic Leaders

#WomenEd has held five unconferences at the beginning of October since we were founded in 2015. The global pandemic means we can’t do a face-to-face one this year. So we are going even bigger and taking the opportunity offered by our lockdown learning.

Announcing our online global unconference over 2nd, 3rd, 4th October 2020. 

What we know

  • We want our 30 global networks and their communities to join in and share their connected stories.
  • We want the unconference to be structured around our 4 campaigns.
  • We will structure the unconference into sections around time zones.
  • We are grateful to @lift_lessons for enabling our webinar use meaning up to 500 can join in the unconference at any one time.
  • We will need everyone’s support with the technology.


What we don’t know yet

Everything else!

We can all join in to work this out. We are sharing a first submission form asking for expressions of interest to help us see what may be possible. So please start talking in your networks and think of the many, many ways you might want to contribute.

Deadline for submissions -19th July, 2020. 

It’s going to be epic!

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